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About Wanna Loan

Wanna Loan is an online lender that offer customers short-term cash loans.

Our services were developed to assist South Africans with small amounts of cash when they need it. These cash loans are ideal for paying bills and making small purchases when necessary and we offer 5 days of interest free lending!

Quick, Reliable and Simple

As one of South Africa's most reliable providers of quick online cash loans - we've enjoyed an ever growing base of customers across the country. When you deal with us, you know you're getting the quickest, most reliable and simple service available - in three easy steps.

What Wanna Loan can offer you

At Wanna Loan you can apply for a personal micro loan that ranges from R 500 to R 3,000 in just three easy steps.

Our loan terms conveniently stretch from 5 to 37 days and you can use our online calculators to determine how much you'll borrow, for how long and how much it will cost you.

100% Online, no Paperwork or Queues!

Our quick cash loans are available entirely online. You do not need to worry about paperwork, queues and meetings - all you have to do is provide us with a completed loan application form and a few supporting documents to have your loan instantly credited to your account.

In a Nutshell

  •  Loan minimum R 500.00
  •  Loan maximum R 3,000.00
  •  Interest rate 60% per annum
  •  Loan term minimum 5 days
  •  Loan term maximum 37 days
  •  Average processing time 1 to 2 hours
  •  Online application
  •  Unsecured loan option
  •  Bad credit consideration
  •  Early repayment

Getting your Instant Cash Loan Today

Being short on money isn't fun and no one understands this as well as we do - that why we offer one of the simplest and fastest ways to get a loan without ever stepping foot into a bank!

Apply for a Wanna Loan with Bad Credit

Applying for a loan when you have bad credit or are blacklisted may be somewhat of a nightmare but with us, you can rest assured that we will not look at your credit history and access your application solely on your ability to make the necessary repayments.

A Lender that Takes Pride in Everything We Do

Although we're in essence a payday lender - we're reliable, registered and take pride in our service offerings. Our short term loan amounts are ideal for smaller needs, expenses and purchases and are ideally utilized for cash emergency situations rather than as a long term solution.

Eligibility & Requirements

  •  Employed full-time
  •  Recent pay slips
  •  Bank statements
  •  Proof of address

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