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National Debt Advisors is a Registered Financial Service Provider / NCRDC2351

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About National Debt Advisors

At the National Debt Advisors we care about your well being and are committed to assisting you to get out of debt and - stay out.

Our specialist debt counsellors will be here for you from start to finish and beyond, helping you develop and stick to your new debt repayment plan until you've been issued with your clearance certificate.

Getting to Know us Better

NDA has helped thousands of South Africans get out of debt by providing them with expert debt counseling services that leverage our strong relationships with most large credit providers. From negotiating lower interest rates to supporting  you legally and ensuring your assets are not repossessed through the knowledge and expertise of our attorneys.

What National Debt Advisors can offer you

We provide expert debt counselling services across the country through our website where you can apply for debt counselling and communicate with our consultants through the entire process.

We typically assist people who are over indebted as a result of personal loans, payday loans, store cards and many other forms of debt.

Our Experts will Determine the Best Solution for you

When it comes to debt there is no single solution that will fit everyone's situation and it is for this reason that our experts will evaluate your situation and needs on an individual basis and make a solution tailored to you. We will help you prevent having your assets repossessed, from becoming blacklisted and from having creditors take legal action against you with our solutions.

In a Nutshell

About the NDA's Debt Counselling Process

If you are struggling to cope with your debt and are considering debt consolidation why not contact NDA and find out what solutions our expert counsellors will suggest for your situation?

With debt counselling you will only be required to make a single payment towards your debt every month and this payment will be lower than all your total debt payments combined before we intervene to negotiate lower payments with all creditors.

You Will be Legally Protected

When you undergo debt review with us you will be protected from legal action and harassment by creditors since the debt counselling will be enforced by a court order. Apart from this, we will negotiate with your creditors to lower their interest rates where possible and lower your monthly debt repayments to make it possible for you to afford them without being unable to sustain a good quality of life.

Eligibility & Requirements

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