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About GS Debt Counsellors

GS Debt Counsellors are a specialist debt counselling service provider that is dedicated to helping people who have fallen victim to a growing spiral of debt and are no longer able to cope with the repayments to their various creditors.

We're here to help you get out of debt but, more importantly, stay out for good.

A Debt Counselling Provider with a Difference

We have a team of attorneys and expert debt counsellors to assist you with the entire process in the most professional manner. Their aim is to ensure that you make one monthly repayment to all of your debts and maintaining a good quality of life while ensuring your assets are protected.

What GS Debt Counsellors can offer you

We will facilitate and take charge of your debt situation and debt counselling process by reviewing your situation, requesting a certificate of balance from all your creditors, arranging lower interest rates on your debts and smaller monthly installments, developing a repayment plan accordingly and enforcing the plan with a court order.

How we Help you Keep Debt at Bay

Once the court order is in place and creditors can no longer contact you to request repayments or attempt to repossess assets we will then allow a payment distribution agency to then take your single monthly installment and distribute it to your creditors accordingly.

In a Nutshell

Securing a Better Financial Future with GS Debt Counsellors

In order for GS Debt Counsellors to assist you in relieving your debt situation we will first need to evaluate your income versus your debts to ensure you qualify for debt counselling.

Essentially you only qualify for debt counselling when your debt repayments exceed your monthly income and you are unable to simultaneously afford your personal expenses and debts.

Debt Counselling is not Like Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is where you take out one large loan to repay a range of smaller loans so that you are left with only one monthly installment. Debt consolidation will not necessarily save you money and may make you debt situation worse since you may still be unable to make that single repayment while still maintaining an acceptable living standard for you and your family.

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