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About Debt Rescue

Debt Rescue is one of South Africa top debt counselling service providers.

Our sole purpose is to assist South Africans who are drowning in debt to get their finances in order and negotiate with their credit suppliers to obtain lower repayments.

Expertise at your Service

Our staff are financial experts who have a great deal of experience in evaluating, processing and creating customized repayment plans for people who are in severe debt. Even if your monthly outgoings are not greater than your income you could benefit from our debt counselling services and improve your financial status.

What Debt Rescue can offer you

Debt Rescue is a South African firm that provides debt counselling services over the internet and in person.

Once we receive the details of your credit providers we will access your situation and contact them to inform them that you are under debt review and request a statement of balance.

How we Restructure your Debt

Using the provided statements of balance for all your credit providers we will then tailor a repayment plan that suits your income and budget. We will also negotiate repayments with your credit providers to allow for reduced monthly instalments many of whom we have long standing relationships with.

In a Nutshell

Our Debt Counselling Process

If you would like to make use of Debt Rescue's professional counselling services you can make your way to our website and fill in our quick contact form.

We will then contact you within 2 hours.

Our Five Step Process

Step One: This is where you fill in our online application form and provide us with your contact details. We will then contact you to conduct a basic consultation and determine if debt counselling is right for you.

Step Two: Once we've gathered all the information about your credit providers we will then evaluate your situation and inform you if our services are right for you. Even if you are not over indebted we could still help you restructure your debt.

Step Three: We will contact all you credit provider to inform them of the ensuing debt counselling and review as well as request statements of balance.

Step Four: This is where our experts get to work restructuring all your debt payments and compiling a repayment schedule that meets your income and budget and leave extra money in your account.

Step Five: Our people will make an application to have your repayment plan made official. This is the last step and will then conclude your debt counselling process.

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