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Debt Relief Today is a Registered Financial Service Provider / NCRDC 2244

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About Debt Relief Today

We're a specialist debt counselling company that was founded when the National Credit Act of 2007 was promulgated and adopted.

It's primary purpose was to enforce a solution to overcome overwhelming debt and unfair lending practices. Rather than choosing debt consolidation which may make your problems worse, choose debt counselling with Debt Relief Today.

What we Do in a Nutshell

At Debt Relief Today our passion lies in assisting our customers to control their debts and get their financial freedom back. We will assist you to determine if debt counselling is right for you, we will evaluate your debts, restructure a more affordable repayment plan, negotiate with your creditors and finally facilitate a court order to ensure your creditors no longer contact your and to prevent you from losing your assets.

What Debt Relief Today can offer you

We are a specialist debt counselling service that enforce and facilitate the National Credit Act and essentially help consumers that are over indebted get out of debt as fast and efficiently as possible.

We do this by taking on consumers who are verified to be over indebted and helping them to achieve the following:

  • To review their finances and gain a complete picture of the situation at hand
  • Restructure payments by negotiating with creditors
  • Reduce interest rates through negotiation with creditors
  • Ensure you are no longer harassed by creditors
  • Arrange a one month payment for all debts
  • Decrease the amount of money dedicated to debt every month

In a Nutshell

Time to Finally put an End to Overwhelming Debt?

In order to be taken on as a client by Debt Relief Today you must fill in our application form online.

You will then be contacted for more information and a consultation will then take place. This will determine if your monthly debts exceed your monthly income in which case you will then qualify for debt counseling.

The Process Explained

The next step will be to inform all the credit bureaus in the country of your insuring debt review which will alert all creditors that no legal action can be taken against you. We will then request balances of all your debts and accounts and negotiate lower interest rates and lower monthly installments on each. This will ensure that you have enough money to live a reasonable quality of live while simultaneously paying one lump sum which is distributed to all your creditors by a Payment Distribution Agency.

Eligibility & Requirements

Other Products & Services

  • Professional Assistance - Qualified Staff
  • Quick Settlements - High Success Rate
  • Regulated Rates - All Fees Included
  • 9 Official Languages - Anywhere in South Africa
  • Confidentiality Guaranteed
  • One Month Payment - Real Financial Solutions

Contact Details

  •  087 702 6313
  •  086 2316620
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  • 28 Newton Street, Port Elizabeth, Newton Park, 6045, South Africa

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  • 28 Newton Street, Port Elizabeth, Newton Park, 6045, South Africa