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About RM Capital

With a powerful management team that bring expertise and experience to the table, RM Capital are able to offer business finance solutions that are precise and meet the needs of your growing business.  

Our business is all about innovation and is miles apart from the traditional funding style of South Africa's large banks.

Our Ability to Deal with Complex Funding Requirements

Unlike large banks and lenders who are often unable to assist high growth companies who do not meet their typical client description, RM Capital has the insight, experience and expertise to deal with highly complex needs and transactions while developing a long term relationship with the client.

What RM Capital can offer you

If you're looking for a funding solution for your high growth business or have unduly been refused credit by a bank we can evaluate your situation and needs and come up with an alternative finance solution for your business.

We offer accounts receivable financing, cashflow and working capital business loans as well as asset based lending solutions.

Litigation and Legal Settlement Funding

RM Capital offers litigation funding which will fund ongoing civil court proceedings as well as invoice discounting to advocates and legal professionals. We also offer funding for legal settlements in High Courts and arbitration awards. If you require a flexible funding solution for any legal proceeding or within the legal sphere contact us to discuss your needs.  

In a Nutshell

Get in Touch with us for a Tailored Finance Solution

We're located in Hyde Park in Johannesburg and can arrange to meet with you to discuss all of your business funding needs and work out a financial solution that is flexible and meets your needs.

Whether you're looking for structured funding, invoice discounting, litigation funds or asset based lending solutions we can deliver a unique and tailored solution.

Out of the Box Thinking

At RM Capital we pride ourselves in being able to think out of the box and deliver quick financial solutions that are unique effective and help you achieve your business goals in an effective and precise manner. We are quick thinking and will likely be able to put an offer on the table much faster than our mainstream competitors. Contact us to discuss your needs today by calling us, sending us an mail or filling in our contact request form to have a professional get in touch with you.

Eligibility & Requirements

Other Products & Services

  • Account receivable financing 
  • Cashflow and working capital funding 
  • Asset based lending
  • Specialised invoice discounting to professionals
  • Credit card sales advances, factoring and funding
  • Legal settlement funding

Contact Details

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 Physical Address

  • The Offices of Hyde Park, Suite 102 - Block B Strouthos Place, Johannesburg, Hyde Park, 2196, South Africa